Golden Rainbow’s “Ribbon of Life” 25th Year

I stopped by the tech rehearsal for Ribbon of Life today, and had the chance to see the first half of the show.  Looks like another terrific show with top-notch talent from around the city!

The show features comedy, dance, singing and personalities galore.  Edie, the MC from Zumanity (and a past host of Broadway Bares), hosts the show, providing introductions and banter between acts.  There will be a live band and original numbers from such shows as “Jubilee!”, “Fantasy” and “Peepshow”.

The opening dance number is a rousing rendition of “I Hope I Get It” from “A Chorus Line” featuring dozens of “Strip alumni” (dancers and singers who performed in big production shows on the Las Vegas Strip in the last 25 years).

Golden Rainbow's "Ribbon of Life" 2011
Golden Rainbow's "Ribbon of Life" 2011 Tech Rehearsal. Dozens of Strip alumni perform in "I Hope I Get It".

Another number features certain alumni and future performers of all ages, a real tribute to show biz peeps and their families.  Called “Heroes”, it creatively showcases alumni parents and their progeny as cartoon superheroes in a very fun way.

Future Performers in Training
Future Performers in Training

The “Fantasy” cast presents “Big Spender”; “The Lion King” cast brings to life “The Color Purple”; and the “Jubilee!” cast stages “Burlesque” the movie.

Be sure to attend the show on Sunday, June 26 at 1 p.m. at Paris Las Vegas (more info here.)  It’s an amazing mix of styles, performances and talent, and it’s all for a really great cause.


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