LVBC “Nutcracker” a Holiday Treat

Las Vegas Ballet Company “Nutcracker 2019”

Summerlin Library Performing Arts Center

The 2-hour presentation by Las Vegas Ballet Company of the time-honored “Nutcracker” embodied the essential spirit of the traditional production, with all the grace, strength, cuteness (little mice!), sparkle, and superhuman athleticism that seasoned balletomanes and newcomers alike will cherish.

If opening night is an indication, LVBC has once again created a grand night of dancing. The company is brimming full of talented and highly trained ballet heroes and heroines. Artistic director and choreographer Kyudong Kwak has made visual magic for this holiday season. He and his ballet mistress, wife Yoomi Lee, have honed the physicality of dozens of dancers into a finely tuned instrument that plays right to the heart.

Yoomi Lee as a Mirliton. (Photo credit: Stan Judd)
Christina Stockdale as Dew Drop Fairy. (Photo credit: Stan Judd)
Min Woo Kang as Nutcracker; Siera Milaudon as Sugar Plum Fairy (Photo credit: Stan Judd)

The visual language they dance is a perfectly-crafted poem to beauty and passion. Nothing on screen or film can compare to the vitality and artistry of live dance, and this performance is a perfect example. The precision and musicality demonstrated by every dancer on the stage is a testament to years of hard work, self-sacrifice and dedication by the dancers and their teachers. In the areas of motivation, self-control, and self-discipline, no one tops dancers; these qualities are how they master such difficult physical feats over decades, then perform them with lightness and joy. The stunning performances by so many dancers in a small company was truly glorious.

The perfect stage presence and world-class skill of Mr. Kwak and Ms. Lee are always superlative and thoroughly inspiring. This production was also graced by special guests Min-Woo Kang and Christina Stockton, who brought breathtaking strength and talent to their roles. Of special mention was Siera Miluadon as the Columbine and Sugar Plum Fairy. Her flawless technique and precision were enrapturing. Samuel Kwak slayed as the Moor and Russian. Jaiden Rounds as the Harlequin was also a standout for the clean lines and energy in the character movement.

Las Vegas Ballet Company is a strong part of the performing arts community in Las Vegas. Don’t miss this wonderful production!

Grade: A++++

Ages: All

"Nutcracker" 2019 LVBC
“Nutcracker 2019” by Las Vegas Ballet Company. (Photo credit: Stan Judd)

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