Upcoming Events In Las Vegas

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Bally's "Jubilee!"
Bally’s “Jubilee!”

Jubilee!’s 34th Years of Glamour

The last classic showgirl revue show in the country, Bally’s Jubilee!, celebrated its 34th anniversary in 2015. It was closed in Feb 2016.

With hundreds of rhinestone-encrusted costumes that cost $3,000 or more each to construct, this was the last show mounted by the famed Donn Arden that showcased the gorgeous, elegant showgirl style that ruled Las Vegas for decades.

Costume designs by the incomparable  Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie adorned the beautiful women and handsome men that carried on this historical and spectacular production show with pride and passion until the closing show. Closing night saw former cast and crew members fly in from all corners of the world to be with their former castmates, to celebrate the decades-long run of this gem of a show. It was a monumental gathering of generations of talent that is not likely to be seen ever again. The Las Vegas showgirl is now a dying art form.


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  1. Thank you for posting information regarding “Those Fabulous MGM Costumes!”
    Hope all is well in Las Vegas. Karen Burns

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